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September 14, 2014

The Burnt Offering by Pastor Melissa Scott

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What was the burnt offering? There the focus was not on sin, but
dedication. Instead of the sacrifice being the recipient of God’s wrath
with the carcass being taken out of God’s presence and the focus being
on the sacrifice as a substitute sacrifice for sins, it was a dedicatory
offering. An animal was brought; the believer identified with it by
putting hands on it and then let it again be taken as a substitute. When
the animal was slain, the blood containing the life was captured, but not a
drop would be wasted. The animal was skinned that it might be seen as
clean inside and out, cut in small pieces and every part of it was put on
the altar and burned with frankincense, speaking of heart attitude, totally
consumed for God.

That was dedication.

If you want it in one sentence:
the believer stood there and said, “As I walk away, my intent is for my
living sacrifice to equal the dedication of the animal that is burned before
Thee in total dedication.”

Jesus became our sin-bearer in fulfilling the
type; He became the perfect expression of God’s will and the joy of the
cross as He was consumed unto death.

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