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March 9, 2014

God Takes the Initiative by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now I have been teaching elementary grace, that God takes the
initiative when He calls anyone; we all know that. Do we? God is
speaking to every person here. Nobody is listening by accident.

Elementary grace: that “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of
God; Being justified freely by his grace….” (Romans 3:23-24) We all
begin as sinners. We learn to memorize routine phrases. We get down
on our knees, and we say, because we learn it by rote, “If we confess our
sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” (1 John 1:9) And
because of some crammed-in theological creed we say, “Yes, I am a
sinner and I confess it.”

You don’t have to tell me and you don’t have to tell your neighbor, but way down in your secret heart, are you feeling you are a shameful thing? Do you feel a little unworthy? If you do, then this message can speak to you.

You have heard me discourse on sin. I have heard everything
called “sin,” from automobiles to the color or lack of it on your face, to
the length of your hair, to whether jewelry touches your skin or doesn’t
touch it. If somebody wants to corner me on the subject of sin, I am
going to start cataloguing the verses: Proverbs 6, six things God hates,
“seven are an abomination unto him.” Do you know what the seventh is?
“Sowing discord among the brethren.” Ephesians 4 speaks of things that
will grieve the Spirit away from you. You can read it; get yourself a
Bible dictionary, diagram the sentences. The opening of Ephesians 5 also
speaks of things that will grieve the Spirit away from you. Galatians 5
speaks of the “lusts of the flesh.” Now, that word lust takes on a lot of
drama in the modern world; but when they wrote the King James
Version, it simply translated a Greek word that means desire. The
“desires of the flesh” are contrasted with the “fruit of the Spirit.”

Romans 1 and 2, which we have already referenced, speak of
things that will, if you persist in them, result in God turning you over to
a strong delusion: you will believe a lie and be damned. Read
Colossians 3. Run the cross-references. There are things in God’s book
that He is forever against. I just named one of them: “sowing discord
among the brethren.” “Well, that applies to everybody but me, because I
tithe and I am like the Pharisees…” who do certain things but neglect the
weightier matters.

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