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June 2, 2013

Not Wavering in Rejection by Pastor Melissa Scott

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As Jochebed to me symbolizes the preserving care and the love of a mother who will never give up in preserving the loved, helpless child, and as Jochebed symbolizes the love of God reaching to the helpless; then Mary, the mother of Jesus, symbolizes the never changing, never deviating, never bending, never wavering, never falling down love of a mother for the rejected one.

Have you ever felt rejected? I have. If you feel rejected today, look at Mary. She did not waver in her love, against every kind of opposition…even her own felt sense of being rejected.

There is another picture here; for at times, we tend to turn off on God and we reject God. But as an earthly mother would not waver in her love, and would be standing there while everyone else rejected Him, God will be standing there too.

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