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December 23, 2011

The Church by Pastor Melissa Scott

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and I really like what the Greek does here, because Paul uses flesh twice, sarks twice. One time he uses it and he says, “the lusts, the desires.” And the one time he where it says, “desires” in your King James, it’s saying; let me write it phonetically; it’s saying the thelema. Remember “the will of God” thelema? This is the thelema, the will, which tells you there’s a double happening for everything. The thelema, the will of the flesh; why do you think the Bible says the spirit helps us, but the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Where our flesh has a will, it is to cater to me. “Seek pleasure and run from pain.” This is my self-serving thing here. Do for me, be for me, serve me. It’s my will. I am my own ruler in my own territory.

Now I have to tell you something. I was so reluctant to do this because I said so many that have been taught and have heard the teaching will say, “Well I’ve heard this before.” We need to be reminded of it again and the people that are listening for the first time to know this is the condition. Not of some abstract persona out there.┬áPastor Melissa Scott tells us that this is the condition we’re found in. I don’t care if you were – I love these people who say, “My child was born into the church.” But you child, even though you’re going to raise your child and teach your child and your child will grow up and fill a seat in this building or whatever building we’re in.

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