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December 14, 2011

His Workmanship by Pastor Melissa Scott

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That’s not bad. Because it takes good words, choice words, selectively picked to make a poem. But it’s more than that. This word in classical literature was used of a craftsman; and not a handyman, like handy-work, a craftsman, an artisan; something so precise and so down to the last. So when it says we are His workmanship, yes we are – I would go so far as to say this would represent like a masterpiece. Now this word here should say, “having been created.” “Having been created,” ktisthentes meaning something that was previously not what it is.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that they give you an example of this word and this is very important because it will color in some of the text. II Corinthians 5:17 the new man in Christ, the new creature in Christ, this is it right here. Something that wasn’t there before, that is now, used exclusively of God’s creation. It could be when God spoke and created something before when there was nothing. Now it is. He spoke and it was. It is. So we are His masterpiece, something that He created that was not before. Lest a lot of people you’re probably like me when you think we’re His workmanship, “All right. I’m special.” Right? Well you are. But it’s God who’s the Specialist and we are His specialty, before I put myself to the front.

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