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December 7, 2011

Body Of Believers by Pastor Melissa Scott

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He knew when he was addressing these people, this body of believers; he knew he had to first tell them he’s sent, by whom he’s sent. “Let me catalogue all the things the Lord has done for you. Let me narrow it down a little bit. This is my prayer for you. I’m going to narrow it down to three whats. And then I’m going to narrow it down a little bit more to the power that’s in you because that same power raised Christ from the dead. Now…” It’s like “Now concerning the offering.” “Uhh.” Right? “Now you hath He quickened…”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now some of you have been around. You know when you have italics in your Bible it means, “added by the translators.” I have put the Greek on the board. “And” kai humas “you” ontas “being” – I put being as in brackets like that or in quotes – “dead in the” paraptomasin – remember we say that previously, “in the trespasses” – that was good – “and” kai “and in the” hamartias “in the sins of you.” Why, why they put these words added in? Because if you read down in verse 5, it says, “Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us” – speaking of God – “with Christ.” Whoever did the translation thought it would flow much better to say, “We’re dead in our condition, but He made us alive.” But, you know what the translators did?

They took the oomph out of it, because this text being read, “And you, being dead.” This by the way “being dead” an adjective, being describing you, me; spiritually dead nekros, “and you being dead in the trespasses and in the sins of you.” “Well let me soften the blow and say, ‘He’s quickened you. He’s made you alive.’” Now that comes later.

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