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December 1, 2011

The Power Of God In Us by Pastor Melissa Scott

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“And gave Him to be, gave Him as head over” – literally it should say “over His ekklesia.” It says here the church “gave Him to be head over all the out-called-ones.” Not just two thousand years ago. The same power that raised up Christ from the dead two thousand plus years ago, that same power operating. When it says, “not only in this age, but in the one to come, giving Him authority over everything which is His body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.”

Something tells me if we don’t start working to get people to understand this concept, I cannot do it on my own. And I’m not being helped when you try and sell me some Jesus-junk or a salve to treat me like a child and insult my intelligence. My Lord and Savior that died for me, He sent this Spirit to empower me to become this for His purpose. For His purpose not for mine, that’s why Paul could say, “this is life eternal, not me, I mean I live, yet not I. Christ in me.” that power not Paul, Saul or whomever, but the power of God in us. That comparison. Why do you think brilliant mind Paul who verbally sparred with the greatest philosophers of all time, why do you think he didn’t start with the resurrection? Or better yet, why didn’t he start with Chapter 2 beingĀ  Chapter 1? There was no Chapter, but why didn’t he put “you who are dead in trespasses and sin” – why didn’t he start that at the beginning? The mind of Paul, brilliant thinker that he was, he started off by cataloging all, the whole blanket, the whole panoply of what God has done, then he narrows it in a little bit more, and he narrows it in a little bit more until he pinpoints it. This is the place you’re going to. See this big picture here, now keep focusing, it’s a little bit smaller, it’s a little bit smaller. There it is. That power that raised Christ from the dead in you already, giving you the power to be victorious in Christ.

That’s my message.

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