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November 8, 2011

Tabernacles, Atonement and Trumpets by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now God is not playing some game where He says randomly, “Hey, I hope it will work out this time. Good luck to you!” He has put out a plan. Throughout His book, in Daniel, Revelation, Zechariah, all of these things are put out for us to see crystal clear. Nothing is ambiguous to cause us to say, “Well what am I supposed to think?” The feasts that will be fulfilled are yet to be fulfilled in the future, which are spoken of many, many times over.

And the time schedule laid out in Daniel’s prophecy will be very important for us to see when we come to that final missing week: before that seventieth week can begin, something has to happen. Today I won’t go into all of God’s set times, except those three feasts that haven’t been fulfilled: Tabernacles, Atonement and Trumpets.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we started at Revelation 1:10 with the sound of the trumpet. You read of it again in Revelation 4. That sound as of a trumpet is not a mistake. It’s not a confused imagery. I will leave you with this. The Feast of Trumpets, like every other feast, must be carried out and fulfilled before the seventy weeks begin to happen. All of those feasts were shadows and types, and Jesus is the One who cast the shadow and the light, simultaneously, unfolding all these things for us.

So when people ask, “What about the rapture?” Well, aside from all the other things I’ve laid out for you, God has with such precision laid a roadmap of things not yet; some have and some not yet fulfilled in these seventy weeks prophesied, and there is a final “week” to be fulfilled. And if you read the many Scriptures where it talks about that final week, then I’m going to look back at my Bible when it talks about the Feast of Trumpets and I’m going to earnestly read that and understand that the blowing of those trumpets will be a glorious sound in my ears and yours and for the church: it means we’re out of here! That’s my message.

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