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August 29, 2011

The Promises of God by Pastor Melissa Scott

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When it comes to the promises of God, some want to reach into the promises of God like reaching in for a tissue out of a box. The Bible says “All the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen,” in Christ, II Corinthians 1:20.

Some people go to the promises and there’s an element missing. This is why the world out there is preaching to reach in and grab for a promise, they are reaching for a promise without Christ. For you who have been taught in the Word, you know ‘Christ is formed in your heart by faith.’ How do you get ‘in Christ’? By hearing the Word of God. It’s always the circle that comes back to the same place, but how do you know if you’re not taught?

So I come back to the beginning, I assume that most people know the starting point of our Faith is Christ—preach Christ. Okay, Christ walked the earth, made these claims about Himself, said He would raise on the third day and He did. So guess what? I’m more interested in what He said and what He did, and that He made good on them.

Now I go back to the promises, what He said and what He’s going to do. And why the promises of God? The promises of God are given to us, for us to ask intelligently for God’s will. Like a Last Will and Testament, God sat down, to be ludicrous, and He wrote these promises out as His Will, “I’ll leave this to my children. Aside from Jesus Christ, which is the first thing I gift to you, the rest of these things I write down as a Will” that, for example, “As thy day, so shall thy strength be.”

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