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August 17, 2011

God’s existence by Pastor Melissa Scott

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But He chose for Himself. He didn’t choose out for something else; He chose for Himself. He knew. And this has become the doctrine also for these people who have decided that everything’s wind-up. No, not everything’s wind-up, and that picture in the Garden proves the point that we are definitely walking vessels with minds of our own; we can do whatever we want. In fact, in the study of ontology, we have one of the more famous people who made their mark. Heidegger made his mark in association with Hitler, then turned around and said, “Boy, it was just a bad social experiment that went wrong.” But he did make some valuable and important contributions to the field of philosophy. I don’t want to say he was an existentialist, but he was, and his thing was being there, and why there is something rather than nothing, coming back to being there.

He did a whole study on that. Well, if you take that mindset and try to apply it to “He chose out for Himself,” you’d have to be there to be chosen, right? The whole mindset of proving God’s existence: does God exist? Does He exist for Himself, or does He exist for me? Say no more. If you live out in today’s society, God exists for me to do my will. That’s the society, the world viewpoint. “Having foreordained us….” If you have these notes in your Bible, if not make them, “Having foreordained us unto the adoption of children….” I stop there again.

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