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October 13, 2010

The fire that has not gone out by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the five offerings in the Book of Leviticus. You have the burnt offering; the meal, which is called the ‘meat’ in your King James, the grain, meat, meal, grain it’s the same thing; the peace offering; the sin offering; and the trespass offering, which I hope we’ll get to talk about. Those concepts are completely fulfilled, I just said the burnt offering: Jesus Christ 100%. And you yourselves and I can say for myself as well, when a person dedicates their life to Christ…. I’m tired of people saying, I’ve heard many people say “Well you should have altar calls in your Church.” The altar call should happen while you’re hearing the Word. There’s something that smites you inside where you say “My God I just heard something.” It happened to me while I listened to my husband preach not yet my husband. I heard him speak and it was like “My God that’s it! There can be no other than what he has just said.” That was the match that lit the fire that has not gone out. The altar call happens in your heart and it happens by hearing the Word.

Many people have taken this, “Okay this is pre-law.” What happens? What God instituted before the law was refined in the law. And there are certain things that in type we actually still do. There are people that will, in this congregation have been taught, who will say “I’m sending in a burnt offering. This is my burnt offering.

This is my joy offering.” There are people who have been taught in the Word who understand what that means. And I like when people say “I like to have joy. Well I want the joy of being a Christian without the cross.” Well go find it somewhere else. You ain’t going to find it here, it’s a tough trip.

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