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October 7, 2010

The glory of God is Jesus Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” ‘Well I go to church once a year.’ ‘I go to church every single week but man it interferes with all my other stuff I want to do. I can never get anything done because I have to go to church every week.’ That’s part of keeping it holy. If these are the conditions and the standards by which you’re going to live by out there in TV land. If you’re going to keep the law, you better keep every last dot. And I guarantee you the law doesn’t end with the Ten Commandments. It extends to the Levitical code. It extents to everything that God said. So if you think the thought of doing something, you’ve just really put yourself in a pickle. What’s the measuring stick? Certainly not what brother and sister so-and-so think. And not even what you think. What do you have to measure it by? Your own failures? Your own successes? This is the measuring rod right here. The glory of God and the glorious standard begins and ends with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I guarantee you if I were to make a comparison between me and Jesus. I’m like something out of quantum mechanics. I’m like a little neutrino or something in comparison to this cataclysmic whole universe that represents Jesus. I’m like pttew. Guess what? We all are. Well I like that string theory better because it has many dimensions. I could be many things simultaneously.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the glory of God is Jesus Christ. The glory of God is what I’m being conformed to every day. I’ve said this a thousand times, if I’ve not said it one time. It is the message I really want to talk about one of these days because it so changed me and impacted me: the Potter’s house. I’ve referred to it for many weeks now. I’ve talked about this idea. Somehow there are two sets of Christians. Look. Go back to the woman taken in adultery. There weren’t two sets of people: guilty and not guilty. Guilty as charged. But what about my neighbor? Let me look in a camera. What about my neighbor that hates me? You’ll not know if that’s real or not. It doesn’t matter. Well I’m a work in progress. Didn’t I say that? God’s got to show me the way. It’s easy to just do what we do in the flesh, but His standard. I can never measure up to. Man I want to but I can’t. So let me go back to where I started. This whole reason for communicating this. When you take of those elements. When the next time you take of those elements, don’t look at those elements and say ‘ho hum.’ Don’t look at those elements and say hocus-pocus. Don’t look at those elements and say ‘well if I could just be…’ I am! I’m made worthy by the blood of the Lamb, unworthy, worthless sinner that I am. I’m made worthy! Glory to God! I’m made worthy by the blood of the Lamb.

That’s His message and mine.

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