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September 30, 2010

Jesus died on the cross by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Melissa Scott tells us that the verse somehow seems an intrusion here, because in Romans 3:21 through 31 is not talking about sin but about the way of salvation.”

Je ne sais pas. Don’t ask me. I’m just reading from what he says.

“I think differently now, however” – Thanks because that’s wonderful because that’s what he’s dealing with – “and reason I think differently is that now I understand the connection between this verse and grace.”

Now let me add something before I read on. Grace is unmerited favor. We did nothing to deserve it. We did nothing to earn it. So the minute somebody says ‘I’m rolling my burdens on Him’ and everything, all that there is bought and paid for. That sphere of grace that covers me also covers those emotions that well up, because it’s so hard to believe. In fact I’m just – I’m going to wait but let me come back to this. I need to ask a question: how many of you – and this is a no-brainer, because it’s not a religious question. It doesn’t have to interfere with your spiritual stimuli right now. How many of you whether you agree or disagree with people that are out in Iraq or wherever they be in the world, how many of you agree – I want to see hands – that they are protecting you and your country? Show me your hands. Okay. You have no doubt about that.  No doubt. Now how many of you fought in a war. You fought in a war. Show me hands. There’s – yeah. You’d do right to applaud.

You went, you might have enlisted, you might have been drafted; you went to protect the country. You protected me. Personalize it for wherever you are. You were being put on the front lines, in danger. There are people that have died. Lost limbs. And there are no ‘buts’ attached. You did it with no ‘buts’ attached. Right? Why then would I say ‘Well you went and you fought for the country, but…’? Now take that same analogy. Jesus died on the cross, ‘but…’ See how ridiculous that is?

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