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September 22, 2010

The Communion by Pastor Melissa Scott

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My intention was to gather in the Chapel with the people and film a Communion that we put up on the air for all new people who have never partaken explaining it like milk. And man there was enough people sitting in the Chapel I could pick up the vibrations it was like ‘Mrs. Scott’ – I felt like kids sitting there like you know a child will look at a mother and say ‘come on Mom’ it’s like ‘this is milk, come on.’ I know you. And the ones that are sitting here who were sitting in front of me trust me. I pick up those vibrations. The staff people will tell you if there’s something going wrong my radar picks it up. And I thought ‘you know I understand where they’re coming from’ but I have a dilemma. After we were done I concluded something.

The reason why I want to take the Communion to put up on the air to bring to new people – is ┬áthere is so much confusion. If I don’t teach people – forget about a baby milk Communion – if I don’t teach people what’s underneath that – those elements, the bread and the wine – if I don’t teach those basic, fundamental principles I am just as guilty as the next person who’s not teaching it correctly, because we are to discern what we’re doing when we partake. We’re not to focus on ourselves. We’re to discern the elements. And I thought ‘Okay.’ We did this Communion and I picked up some interesting vibes as I told you.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it also dawned on me. I need to – we need to go back to the basics. Some of you who have been so well taught and new people who haven’t been taught at all here, not to insult, lest I would insult anybody, I’m sure people have read the Bible.

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