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August 23, 2010

The Golden Street by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that to unify, to take back from the Persians, to take back whatever he could and then at some point once he passed that boundary he was on a, on this “I’m going to conquer and take all” and of course you know all the stories of all the Alexandria’s that starting popping up everywhere. It was going to be, you know if Alexander would not have had too much to drink and killed himself with liquor we probably would be living in Alexandria because he, he took over the world, his conquest. But it was to unify, the first initial was to unify the people.

When he came through in his brief descent through that country, he issued a decree and this is something that becomes very important later on for historical purposes. He issues a decree and remember, this area that he’s coming down through after they cross the Hellespont and they come down is primarily and predominantly pagan. But Smyrna had a very large Jewish community. He issued a decree saying that they could live in what was called insonomia, not insomnia, insonomia which means in their law, they had the freedom to practice their religion which is very strange that Alexander the Great did that. Nevertheless, his decree makes Smyrna flourish with a very large Jewish population. Now, that will become relevant when we move on. But other things happen along the way.

Now let me kind of just pretend you’re not here and transport your mind for a minute. If you were to approach Smyrna at this point you would, back in the day, you would, if you were a tourist you’d say, “Take me to the most famous place” you’d end up on something called the Golden Street, the most famous street of all. Analogous maybe like Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive where all the boutiques are, this had all the cult temples. You could walk down the golden street and have a temple to Zeus over here, Apollo over there, Aphrodite over there, just continue, continue, continue until you reach the top of the Acropolis, the top of Mount Pagos. Five hundred feet looking down over this beautiful crystal clear blue harbor, strikingly beautiful if you’ve ever been there, it, it still is beautiful, just looks different. I’m sure it looks nothing like what I’ve just described because there’s very little left of what was originally there.

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