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August 17, 2010

The Second Coming by Pastor Melissa Scott

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You have, you can jot these down and check them out. You have, I made notes of them, in Haggai, I believe it’s Haggai 1:13, where he says the “messenger.” Haggai 1:13, “Then spake Haggai the LORD’S messenger,” aggelo. So you can see it’s interchangeable. You’ve got references like that in Malachi Malachi’s name, which in the Hebrew, malak, ‘angel,’ ‘messenger’ and he even delivers a message and says he’s a ‘messenger.’ “Out of the priest’s lips” the message, the ‘messenger’ will speak, aggelo. So I’m trying to make the case this is not some. Okay? It’s not that kind, all right? That’s number one. Number two, ekklesia. I have to do this before we go forwards because otherwise we end up trying to fight what certain things might mean.

This one, you old timers all know about this word I’m going to do this for the sake of the new people: ekklesia; prefix, ek, and klesia, kleo, actually ‘out from among,’ ‘called out’ people. Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the word I had you circle, ‘assembly,’ in Acts, what you have happen there, if you go back to Matthew 16:18 you’ll, just jot it down and read it at home, when Jesus says “I’ll build my ekklesia and the gates of hades shall not prevail or overcome it,” what you have is the first use in the New Testament of ekklesia, referring to what Jesus had in mind, which by the way we’re conditioned that the ekklesia is the ‘out called ones’ which make up the Church, which is true, but if you think of the Second Coming it even emphasizes that more so. We will be the ‘out called ones’ when He comes again to take His Church, so it has a double meaning on there.

But you go back to look at the use through the Bible, and you’ll see by the time we reach the book of Acts the term is being used generically for ‘assembly,’ and no specificity is until, probably, at least after the first century, going into the second century, this word becomes a stamp on the Church. But for the sake of conversation while I’m doing this, lest anybody take this word and say we know from this our words where we get Spanish, iglesia; French, eglise from this word, but lest anybody say that this word and its use start in the New Testament, you look into the Septuagint and you’ll find in Exodus 3:4 when God is calling to Moses, to the bush, when He’s calling him, and He calls to him, He called him ‘out,’ He ekkelessened, He ‘out called’ him. The application goes way back.

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