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August 17, 2010

God’s Word by Pastor Melissa Scott

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You look at this word, aggelo. Our English ‘angel,’ and we talked about this briefly, the ‘angel.’ There are 77 times in the book of Revelation that this word is going to be used 77 in one small little book. That’s an awful lot. We’re only concerned right now with eight of them, the one that occurred in chapter 1, verse 20, and the seven addresses to the Church where to each one it says ‘and to the angel of this Church, and to the angel of that Church.’ The angels of the Church are the pastors; they are the communicators. They are not celestial beings, and I can make a good case for this. I feel like I’m going to anyway, so I might as well.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if people that interpret Scripture and they want to say that these are angels in the Church, the only place where you read in the Bible of an angel that is sent to govern or protect is in the book of Daniel. Other than that, you have other references. Now I’m going to say that for the most part, we’ll say 90 some percent of the references to, to this word in the entire Bible are communicators of God’s Word and they may be like, for example in I believe it’s Matthew 1:20 when the angel comes and speaks to Joseph in a dream about the Child Mary’s going to have. That is the angel sent by God, aggelo. The angel that spoke to Mary, Gabriel, which is named by name in Luke 1:26, that angel, aggelo. It’s a reoccurring theme.

For the most part they are messengers of God, and then you’ve got that little percentage on the end which is the copycat Satan that comes along. Of course, he was the original one in the beginning that when he fell took a third of heaven with him. We’ll encounter those angels in the book of Revelation too, but right now we’re talking about terrestrial real beings, not celestial beings that are the pastors, messengers of the Church. And the irony, you can go through the Septuagint, I don’t think I brought mine, but you can go through the Septuagint you’ll see the Septuagint, which is the Hebrew translated into the Greek, Old Testament with Apocrypha, you’ll find that every time the word ‘angel’ is used you’re going to read ‘messenger’ or ‘angel’ interchangeably.

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