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August 5, 2010

Christ is talking by Pastor Melissa Scott

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But He became dead, which means it was not natural to Him that He should suffer this. It’s subtle, but it makes a big difference in how we read it. He says “I am the living one, I became dead; and, behold, I’m living.” “I became dead, became necros, where we get our words for ‘necros, the words used in pathology and things like that. Dead, “I became dead and, behold, idou, that word we looked at last week, “Behold, living I am into the ages of ages.” Stop right there.

You want to confirm if Christ is talking, only Christ could say “I’m the living and I became dead. And I am living into the ages and ages.” Only Christ could say that. If you’re not sure about who’s speaking now, it’s time to wake up. Jesus is talking. He’s the only one that could do this, the only one on the page or scene or anywhere at any time that could say this and it be true.

And He’s appearing before John now: “I am living, I became dead; now I am alive into the ages and ages. And I have the keys of death, and the keys of death, and of Hades.” Now, If you have the keys to something, means you have access, authority. The King James switched the words around and they put “I have the keys of hell and death.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there’s no, in the original, there’s no “Amen.” It doesn’t matter. ‘Amen’ is a good thing; I like ‘Amen’ but it’s not in there. “I have the keys of death and Hades.” He doesn’t say Gehenna and He doesn’t say ‘Hell, and there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of subtleties of why this word was used. Now let me say this, if He has the keys to death and Hades He doesn’t need the key to anything else. He has the keys to the seen world and the unseen world. And what’s so bizarre is what we think is real or seeable or tangible or whatever it is, it is not because in the realm that He’s seeing, He is not only in control of this world where we can’t see Him, but when we get to the unseen world, when we get there, we will see Him.

If that makes any sense to you at all, it’s like a reverse of things, and that He has the keys to these has to tell you one thing. Again, it’s a theological nightmare, and I’m sure a lot of people will just go, “Arrg gh gh!

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