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July 30, 2010

History of Ephesus by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Good morning. You may be seated, please. We’re looking at, we will quickly look at the history, very briefly, of Ephesus. And I want you to just think about something: How could a culture and a society so, I will say, advanced, acclimated, the major trade center, the emporium of the world at the time Asia Minor how could it just be mere ruins and rubbles? What happened to these people, what happened to their society and their culture?

When we talk about history, those are the things that should provoke thought. And some of you still might not be there, I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but picture show me your hands! How many of you have been to LAX? Show me your hands! My condolences, but picture, you know, all the corridors and all the hallways when you go, it’s bustling.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now, it’s not really bustling people are just standing in line. But picture, you’ve seen LAX with all the planes standing by and the engines running and people going and running and doing. And then imagine you could come back to LAX in 100 years or 200 years from now and it’s deserted. The pristine paint somewhere is now scraped away, the planes, what’s left, that have been cannibalized-parts. I’m being ludicrous, but it’s to say we, when we picture history and civilization that has now disappeared, we have this mindset that somehow we don’t get into “What happened to these people?  And I take a current place you know of because Ephesus was the epicenter.

If you know a little bit about the geography of where it’s located, you’ll find it sits, or at the time of what we’re going to look at, sat right at the tip of the sea. Three rivers that supplied, right away there, three rivers you know are going to supply food and water. It was a bustling place. You have, in historical factors, things for example not the largest, but a very large artificial harbor that was made for Ephesus for trade, and the four roads that you could take to go anywhere if you were buying or selling goods in that time frame. We think of Ephesus and we think of Paul. We think of John, we think of the letters to the Church.

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