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July 16, 2010

Noah’s Ark by Pastor Melissa Scott

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I want to share with you what he amassed because it is so succinct with regards to where the ark landed. Because, we will get there, won’t be today. But if you read in your Bible just to give you some idea so we can come back to outside of the Bible for a minute, if you read in your Bible in I believe it’s 8 8th chapter, 4th verse, it says: “And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains” mountains – plural – “of Ararat.”

Now I do not want to talk about Berossus because I just did in talking about Gilgamesh, the Gilgamesh Epic which we know Berossus was superb at deciphering and putting a lot of the pieces together. But just to show you how deep this problem because I know there is still people listening who are saying “Oh you know this is just a Bible story.” It’s not. And I wish, I don’t wish for someone to find this to validate the Bible.

I think the quest for it is, is exciting and it should be like you know if they find it there is one place that looks really, really, really, really good. But even so, the mountains of Ararat, which is very correct it is not one mountain; it is a mountain range. The Samaritan Pentateuch has the landing place of Noah’s Ark in the Kurdish Mountains north of Assyria. I do not know how we got here but it is what it is. The Targums, which I wrote the Aramaic out of one of the Onkelos being they have the ark in the Kardo Mountains; and as a sidebar some of you that have this Bible in the Aramaic text, look it up you will find the same thing – Kardo, not Ararat.

Josephus, historian – most people don’t really have any quarrel with what he had to say. Josephus living and writing during the first century A.D., Josephus was a man of Jewish birth who was loyal to the Roman Empire. He mentions the remains of Noah’s Ark three times. Now remember step back in time. The closer back or the further back you go the better the sources are which we don’t have anymore. So was Josephus making this up three different times?

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the first is found in the 4th volume of his Antiquities of the Jews and it reads: “Then the ark settled on a mountaintop in Armenia. Noah, thus learning that the earth was delivered from the flood, waited yet seven days, let the animals out of the ark, went forth himself and his family, sacrificed to God, feasted with his household. The Armenians called the spot of the landing place they call it ‘the spot’ of the landing place for it was there that the ark came safe to land. And they showed the relics of it to this day.” There are plenty of photos but they are so poor in quality I won’t even waste time showing them.

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