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July 9, 2010

God is Not a Copycat by Pastor Melissa Scott

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And don’t turn here I’m going to read you Hebrews 11, we’re not staying there so I’m going to turn and read it to you. Hebrews 11:7 reads: “By faith Noah, being warned of God of the things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.” Now can you imagine this 500 year-old man? We know that the flood started in the 600th year of his life, with his three children, but can you imagine him building an ark? And step out of the frame of disbelief and just walk into a world where if you could visualize it: here is this 500 year-old man.

That is already preposterous. Who is going to build an ark and they’ve never seen rain before? Talk about crazy! I mean, probably they passed him by and said, “That old fool is out there, whatever he is building.” You know this is a joke; probably the butt of many jokes but it didn’t matter. He built the ark because God told him to. Now there was not the written word of God at this point, but Noah received the word of God by hearing, by God speaking or revealing to him; and he was obedient in Faith to conform to what God had told him to do. Build an ark. So he did. Faith, we know, substantiates.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you go back to the 1st verse in Hebrews, ‘Faith substantiates the things hoped for’ so when Noah was told, he did by Faith. Now going into the 6th chapter with a background, everybody here I am sure is familiar with the different origins of the flood. The one that everybody seems to be familiar with is the Gilgamesh Epic, which states the flood. We know the cuneiform tablets that were found they were interpreted and some scholar even said, “Wow! There is a semblance to the Bible.” Now many want to say that Gilgamesh and the Epic of Gilgamesh predates the Bible; that the Bible copied Gilgamesh.

God is not a copycat, okay. So, we may have a case of people not outlining timeframes. Certainly, we don’t have all the answers and it would be unfair to try and say we have all the answers in one hour, just cannot be done. Men have devoted their entire lives for generations for the answers which, like I said, some of them are just not available to us.

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