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June 25, 2010

The Promise by Pastor Melissa Scott

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It means when I receive my crown that fades not away that the Chief Shepherd bestows upon me, I will have obtained my promise in the house of God. It’s very, very simple imagery, complicated to lie out, but once you see it from afar you see that God’s revealing of the shepherd hood of Christ is nestled through the Old Testament, revealing; we could talk about Joseph, Moses and David: King, Priest, Prophet.

We can speak of those natures in the prophetic nature of the shepherd hood of Christ in Psalm 23 or we could go to the New Testament and see Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd, I lay down my life,” referring to the Lord is my Shepherd. And then again for review, He restores my soul, He shubs my soul, He in the New Testament we would say He metanoina and he changes me around from where I was going. That is the resurrected Christ that does that, the Great Shepherd of Hebrews 13:20. And my Sabbath, my rest, my promised obtained to dwell in the house the Lord forever through I Peter 5:4, the Chief Shepherd. So a great depiction, a complete picture of the shepherd hood of God in its entirety is revealed to me. That’s not enough.

I go to two more words. The negative, lo and this word for “want.” See, I want this to be an encouragement today, as complicated as I’ve laid that out, I can probably summarize it quickly when I put all the rest this on the board. I wanted to speak to those people who understand the Psalms, we read them, they bring us comfort, they have a quiet beauty to them, they can comfort our soul, but there’s a time and a place also to pray in the Psalms. There’s a time when I can’t find my way.

“The LORD is my shepherd,” I’m going back to the King James to read it and just recite it. If the Lord is shepherding you and He’s the Shepherd of your life then you’re going to at this dimension to the whole, which is this word here. Let’s put in the English, E I’m going to write it phonetically Ee ┬áHa hard Ha, He actually sar, the Hebrew word for “want” and the negative particle in front of making “not I want.” You’ll encounter that word in a few special places in the Bible in that particular tense, the Hebrew called future, which is to say all of my needs, all of my future needs, He will provide.

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