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June 11, 2010

We need Him by Pastor Melissa Scott

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I can’t do it in my strength. That’s why I need His Word, I need His Spirit, I need His help, I need His guidance, His wisdom to enable me to make it through and empower me. And that empowerment comes, by the way, when I submit. Seemingly so simple in instructions, and yet for some of us that took the challenge, it’s difficult. Now I don’t want people to leave here and be discouraged. I want to say to you if your heart has been touched and quickened today with what I’m saying, don’t give up! Don’t give up because the answers are also given. And the answers; trust me, begin with this one thing. Let me start with me. I don’t want to see any hands.

How many people have failed I don’t want to see hands-how many people have failed, been given a temptation or a test good or bad and have failed? And the beauty with God is that if we earnestly want to know a little bit better how to make it through and how to be empowered, He says, “Just get up and point in the right direction. Put your focus on Me. Keep walking towards me. In fact press close. Don’t be like Peter following a far off. Press close to Me. Follow Me.” His first words “Follow Me.” How many of us are truly, earnestly desiring to follow Him? Now I don’t know about you, but I’m waking up to the fact that I need all of this. I need every single bit that God will give me because the attacks, for those who are committed in the name of Jesus Christ, the attacks become more and they become worse. But let me just tell you something.

The training that you receive now, I want the tough school. I want the education. I was saying to somebody, do you go to school to-for seven years or five years, college, university. Do you go for those five or seven years for the teachers and professors to massage you and make you comfortable? Or is your brain supposed to be crammed with stuff until it becomes part of your working knowledge? And then you’re equipped to go out in the world. How much more for now and into the Kingdom? So I’d say to you today, we’re not done. I don’t want people leaving in frustration. I want you to leave here with absolute courage, knowledge and faith because God has given a way, an equipping by some of these few words and by very much what the Apostle Paul sums it up as when he says, “If you walk and you live in the Spirit, coming into rank and file,” that, that’s my Helper right there.

I don’t have to try and does it on my own, it will fail. But with Him, by my side, both in me and by my side and around me, victory is guaranteed. That’s my message.

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