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June 25, 2010

The Promise by Pastor Melissa Scott

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It means when I receive my crown that fades not away that the Chief Shepherd bestows upon me, I will have obtained my promise in the house of God. It’s very, very simple imagery, complicated to lie out, but once you see it from afar you see that God’s revealing of the shepherd hood of Christ is nestled through the Old Testament, revealing; we could talk about Joseph, Moses and David: King, Priest, Prophet.

We can speak of those natures in the prophetic nature of the shepherd hood of Christ in Psalm 23 or we could go to the New Testament and see Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd, I lay down my life,” referring to the Lord is my Shepherd. And then again for review, He restores my soul, He shubs my soul, He in the New Testament we would say He metanoina and he changes me around from where I was going. That is the resurrected Christ that does that, the Great Shepherd of Hebrews 13:20. And my Sabbath, my rest, my promised obtained to dwell in the house the Lord forever through I Peter 5:4, the Chief Shepherd. So a great depiction, a complete picture of the shepherd hood of God in its entirety is revealed to me. That’s not enough.

I go to two more words. The negative, lo and this word for “want.” See, I want this to be an encouragement today, as complicated as I’ve laid that out, I can probably summarize it quickly when I put all the rest this on the board. I wanted to speak to those people who understand the Psalms, we read them, they bring us comfort, they have a quiet beauty to them, they can comfort our soul, but there’s a time and a place also to pray in the Psalms. There’s a time when I can’t find my way.

“The LORD is my shepherd,” I’m going back to the King James to read it and just recite it. If the Lord is shepherding you and He’s the Shepherd of your life then you’re going to at this dimension to the whole, which is this word here. Let’s put in the English, E I’m going to write it phonetically Ee  Ha hard Ha, He actually sar, the Hebrew word for “want” and the negative particle in front of making “not I want.” You’ll encounter that word in a few special places in the Bible in that particular tense, the Hebrew called future, which is to say all of my needs, all of my future needs, He will provide.

June 18, 2010

The Restorer of My Soul by Pastor Melissa Scott

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It’s like all the names of God are almost stuffed into this one name, because the Shepherd must provide for the sheep and meet every single need. These creatures are un-capable of doing for themselves, and I’m speaking now of the creature, the actual four-legged creature kind of sheep. So as I said, in John 10, He’s referred to the Good Shepherd and I’m looking at the Lord is my Shepherd.

In Hebrews 13:20 He’s referred to the Great Shepherd. I said he restores my soul. I use that verse to combine it with this to show you that David had some prophetic word nestled in there very quietly.

The Restorer of my soul is the One who came back from the pit, who was resurrected, who is the Great Shepherd. And the last verse, verse 6 if Psalm 23, where it says, “I will dwell in his house for ever,” I attached it to I Peter 5. It says He’s the Chief Shepherd, and at the appearing of the Chief Shepherd, it says we’ll receive the crown of glory that fadeth not away.

Now why is this all staggering to me? And maybe I’ll have to do it again, but this word “to dwell in the house” comes from the Hebrew word for Sabbath. To dwell in the house, I will Sabbath, I will Shabbat in the house of the Lord for ever. Okay you Hebrews fans; that is the Book of Hebrews, not the Hebrew language, in Hebrews it talks us in another Sabbathing.

It is promised obtained. That’s what it means. People get confused when they read that in Hebrews and they say, “Well, is there another Sabbath?” Yes, it’s the promised obtained. In this case, the last example I will Sabbath in the House of the Lord for ever.

June 11, 2010

We need Him by Pastor Melissa Scott

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I can’t do it in my strength. That’s why I need His Word, I need His Spirit, I need His help, I need His guidance, His wisdom to enable me to make it through and empower me. And that empowerment comes, by the way, when I submit. Seemingly so simple in instructions, and yet for some of us that took the challenge, it’s difficult. Now I don’t want people to leave here and be discouraged. I want to say to you if your heart has been touched and quickened today with what I’m saying, don’t give up! Don’t give up because the answers are also given. And the answers; trust me, begin with this one thing. Let me start with me. I don’t want to see any hands.

How many people have failed I don’t want to see hands-how many people have failed, been given a temptation or a test good or bad and have failed? And the beauty with God is that if we earnestly want to know a little bit better how to make it through and how to be empowered, He says, “Just get up and point in the right direction. Put your focus on Me. Keep walking towards me. In fact press close. Don’t be like Peter following a far off. Press close to Me. Follow Me.” His first words “Follow Me.” How many of us are truly, earnestly desiring to follow Him? Now I don’t know about you, but I’m waking up to the fact that I need all of this. I need every single bit that God will give me because the attacks, for those who are committed in the name of Jesus Christ, the attacks become more and they become worse. But let me just tell you something.

The training that you receive now, I want the tough school. I want the education. I was saying to somebody, do you go to school to-for seven years or five years, college, university. Do you go for those five or seven years for the teachers and professors to massage you and make you comfortable? Or is your brain supposed to be crammed with stuff until it becomes part of your working knowledge? And then you’re equipped to go out in the world. How much more for now and into the Kingdom? So I’d say to you today, we’re not done. I don’t want people leaving in frustration. I want you to leave here with absolute courage, knowledge and faith because God has given a way, an equipping by some of these few words and by very much what the Apostle Paul sums it up as when he says, “If you walk and you live in the Spirit, coming into rank and file,” that, that’s my Helper right there.

I don’t have to try and does it on my own, it will fail. But with Him, by my side, both in me and by my side and around me, victory is guaranteed. That’s my message.

June 4, 2010

Our Father by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Those are difficult concepts when we have trained ourselves in a lifetime of “I want” and “I need.” Now in Matthew 6, prayer opens with, “Our Father.”  When we talk about our Father, it’s important. I feel there are a couple of Scriptures that just in the back of my mind I said, you know, I’m going to put these out there. There’re for us to really look at, hopefully enter into our soul a little bit. I John 3:1 that says, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath, that we should be called sons.”

Now I know we all know the Fatherhood and when we pray,”Our Father,” but I sat quietly and I reflected on that. In fact I reflected on every single word in this prayer that He gave us this plural, “our,” He didn’t say, “Mine,” or “yours,” but “our,” that we can call on Him, that the apostle Paul picked up. Tell me that there are no coincidences in God’s program that the apostle Paul would pick up in two different places, both in Romans and Galatians, to talk about the Spirit of adoption whereby we cry, “Abba, Father!”

Now how can you cry, “Father,” particularly coming out of the mouth of a Jew like Saul, tribe of Benjamin, Pharisee, you name it, to utter those words. In fact in the Judaic frame that would be blasphemy. And only God could manifest that mindset to see that when we come to Him and when His life and His nature are placed in us, we, if we earnestly desire Him, we desire to press close. I,

I want to know my Father. I want to know who He is. I want to press close to Him. Now I’m praying while I’m saying this that there are hearts in agreement with me because many can say, “Oh, I’ve been a Christian for thirty years, forty years I’ve walked. I know all there is to know.” And yet I don’t know of a time or a place but when we are praying, when we should have the most open heart. He said He’ll never leave me nor forsake me.

I know that whatever I come and I bring to Him, whether it’s as John says, when we confess our sins to Him, He’s faithful and just to forgive us. Whether it’s just coming and sitting in His presence, and I’ve said His presence is all around us all the time, but when we open our mouths and begin a dialog. What comes out of my mouth is what’s in my heart. And I open my mouth to God and think I desire to just know more about you. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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