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May 28, 2010

About the Psalm 23 by Pastor Melissa Scott

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In fact there’s a little story to what happened here. When the Jews were carried away, and we know from that call for those people to come back and rebuild, Cyrus, heathen king says, “Let them come back and rebuild.” We have the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah that chronicle those that came back and those who built. And by the way some of you may know this but the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah were actually one Book, the Book of Ezra. It was actually Jerome who split them into two and named the Book of Nehemiah as it appears now; because originally, as he received it, in his Latin Vulgate, it was one Book describing the return of those and in fact the book of the law is found and recovered and read for the for the first time in the synagogue or in the place designated, the place of worship in those books.

So we know that there were priests and prophets who could read the Hebrew tongue. But guess what? Over the course of time so many that were carried away, a new generation, did not speak or read the Hebrew tongue. And, in fact, spoke, whether it was Aramaic, if their language was of another tongue, in the area where they were carried away, if you consider that region they do not necessarily preserve their mother tongue nor the ability to understand, therefore when the text, when the scroll is being read is widely held that either out of Exodus or Leviticus where it says regarding the name of God that they read it erroneously because they did not know how to pronounce and therefore it became that we should not speak its name. But that’s not what the word of God says. They understood it that way.

It was perpetuated that way and it has stayed that way with the Jewish people. So a little idea, a little glimpse at some of these texts from the Geniza in Cairo reveal that in fact there was not always this taboo against speaking the name of Yahweh. And the other thing before forget that perplexed me about this Geniza find is remnants of a Koran, believe it or not, in the upper room in the synagogue. 

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