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May 11, 2010

A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott asks the question, Do you need the Bible? Yes. God sees what’s in man’s heart as evil. Is that a fair God? A fair God that would cast out the first family from the Garden? Is that a fair God that would Noah. God’s going to start over with eight people. He sends the floodwaters, has Noah put the animals in as they’re paired, to be spared to start anew. But one problem: sin was already on board that ark and it was merely going to be perpetuated. The floodwaters could not wash clean what was already imbedded in man’s heart. Oh, you’re saying that God’s working it out as He goes? No, I’m telling you the history of mankind because we’re never satisfied, as many chances and as many displays of God’s goodness and His power as we’re given, we never come to the knowledge of what God has always been saying from the beginning, “What I desire is sons and daughters who will trust Me.” 
He is our provider. He knows our needs. I would go so far as to say there are many people who don’t have bread to put on their table in America while some who fancy themselves Christians talk about prosperity. That’s the reality check the Church in America needs. Not how to find a God who will bestow and meet every single, over-and-above want that you have. The God I serve and the God I preach about, He does provide all of your needs, your spiritual needs. He provides healing, He provides a second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, twentieth chance if you’ll just turn back to Him.
Keep reading your Bible and you will eventually get to Moses. God provides a deliverer and this is how He is going to deliver the people, but it’s never enough. “I’m going to provide you a way, I’m going to give you a Holy Law, I’m going to give you something you can follow now this time folks. It’s going to be a check list of things that you can or cannot do and you’ve just got to follow them.” But no one could do it, so we’re still in a bad situation. Now, I’m sure for a lot of people who have heard the message that’s in the Bible, they say, “Well, I think God’s kind of unfair. You know, He should give some of us a break because we’re not as bad as some other folk.” No, we’re worse. That’s the real problem.
Kings and prophets and judges proclaimed the same message over and over again, “Turn back to God, turn back to God. He’ll give you another chance, He’ll let you start over. Turn back to God.” And how many times did it take for the people to be carried away into captivity, carried away into bondage, carried away, carried away, carried away? There was a simple solution all along, but no one would hear it.

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